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Siding external wall covering systems is an external wall covering material protecting the main structure's external walls from humid, damp and corrosion effects, not requiring any dye or maintenance for averagely 50 years and living for the lifetime. Siding materials are polymer-based and are brought to the application area in plaques. The laths are nailed to the ground in a wideness of thermal boards to be used on the ground. After placing thermal insulating boards between these laths, OSB boards are nailed on the laths and sisding plaques are mounted with the help of special aparatus on OSB boards. 
 Grass siding application system has totally diferrent structure from siding in terms of material structure and appearance. The reason of name similarity is just that their usage areas are same. Grass siding is manufactured after synthetic grass carpets in various frequency and  grammage woven in NURTEKS carpet plant are plastered on polypropylene material-based manufactured base fabric by forming material layer behind the rolls in 1x10 meter size. After grass siding is manufactured, the layer is melted by heating with torch to the ground primed or membran-attached the melting layer sticks to the ground after the integration to the bottom surface and so, we get a closer appearance to natural grass differently from other siding and covering. Grass siding which has unique tchnique in terms of application tchnique is the first decorative external wall covering material to be attached with torch.
Other than the different appearance of grass siding formed in external fronts, it is a water insulation material and has great contribution to the sound and heat insulation of our building, which has been confirmed by the university reports.

In addition to its aesthetic value, Grass Siding protects the building fronts just like a construction material and expands its liftime.Grass Mfacilities, membran can be designed in accordance with the building concept but with standard product range,it gives services in all the living areas such as villa terraces and roofs, apartment terraces and roofs, hotels, holiday village, nursing homes, socail snd all the commercia and administrative buildings.