By means of Nurteks carpet models, we bring more comfort, elegance and beauty to your living spaces. You will definitely find the richest colors and patterns for your needs of wall-to-wall carpet, mosque carpet and hotel carpet in the wide range of our products.
We spread various alternative carpets under your feet in a way to appeal to all the pleasures and budgets

Wall-to Wall Carpet

Wall-to-wall carpets not only bring elegance and warmth to your houses but also make your living spaces more pleasurable by means of its comfort.
Reasons to Choose Wall-to-Wall Carpet

Makes Your Places Safer

Since wall-to-wall carpets absorb humidity, they prevent slipping and minimize accident risks, and they also reduce the possibility of being hurt or injured.
Furthermore, they are also a crucial prevention against the accidents which may arise from any reasons such as making eyes dazzled as a result of sunshine occurring in hard and shiny grounds.

Enable You to Control Noise

The places of which ground is carpeted are much more relaxing and peaceful. Because, characteristic feature of the carpet to absorb noises makes inner spaces more silent. Moreover, it creates great acoustic environment. In addition to enable you to control voice and noise, it also visually contributes to the peacefulness of the environment.

Relieve the Backbone by means of Its Easiness of Walking
Walking on the carpet is much easier than walking on solid grounds. This is absolutely a substantial factor in terms of protecting people against joint and backbone disorders.
Apart from these advantages, carpet is an important factor for foot health of children during the growth period.
Anti-Bacterial, Durable and Elegant Hotel Carpets
You will be able to reflect the style of your establishment by means of wide range of pleasurable carpets designed especially for hotels, that will appeal to any concepts.
The sizes, models and patterns of the carpet which will be used for your hotel are designed especially for you by means of our design works for hotel project. Apart from this, we also provide carpet models for inner and outer spaces for any hotel management, whether large-scale or small-scale.
Quality and Economic Mosque Carpets
We take the advantage of our knowledge and over 40-year experience in the sector when it comes to mosque carpet .
We offer high-quality services with its non-flammable, non-feather and anti-bacterial carpets to the houses of prayer at affordable prices.