Today, usage area of artificial Grass products has increased and being produced with the latest technology helps users to get high performance. The prices of artificial grass used from hotels to professional football fields and balcony and gardens of houses, are convenient prices when the efficiency getting from its usage is considered. Let's say that you have single-family house and you hav a wide balcony. You can see green in each season and get a peaceful living area by applying artificial Grass to your ground of balcony.

At the same time you can make artificial Grass product for you garden to be usen in winter and summer designed and form a living area, especially for your children. You may have problems with natural grass in winter.Natural grass affected by bad weatehr conditions, constitutes negativities such as slipperiness and water accumulation. The fact that natural grass turns yellow in summer beacuse of sun makes the maintenance harder for natural grass which is today one of the endangered natural sources. Even though artificial grass prices seem expensive, you should be aware of the fact that the maintenance of natural grass doubles the price of artificial grass and this expense should always be made.

The Prices of Nurteks Artificial Grass

Yet, artificial grass laid in an appropriate way for application area will cause paying that much money one time only and you will use it without any problems for years. Therefore, if you carry out your research on artificial grass prices among the professional firms, then you would not have financial damage later. Because there are plenty of firms in the market but this does not mean that they all carry our quality production. So, in order for you to get quality products, we recommend you to visit and review the history of the firm. You should be sure that the firm having provided services even for professional football fields will provide you application which you can get high efficiancy in every field.

Artificial Grass Producer Nurteks

Since the color of natural grass changes in the sun and there are various negativities such as water accumulation in rainy days, increasing in legth, forming caviations and incresing in slipperiness, it requires expensive maintenance all the time. Artificial Grass is produced for easiness in usage areas such as football, tennis fields, hotels, walking-tracks and its bottom side is prodcuced by filled and upper side is produced by potiehilene and poliproline threads. At this point; Nurteks producing high-quality Grass for its customers gets more efficancy than the advantages provided by artificial grass.

Natural grass affecting by natural events enormously creates problem for its user and is not suitable for being used in football fields more than 3 hours a day. Yet,by being produced with high quality standards, artificial grass is used heavily in summer or winter. Becasue artificial grass producer Nurteks firm add suitable features for the product in accordance with its usage area and provides the expected performance to the users. Usage areas of artificial grass which provides enough springing level for footballer and ball, reduces the slipperness and has high absorption power gradually increase.


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