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Firm Profile :
Nurteks Carpet Industry and Trade Anonym Company was founded in Eminönü in 1972 by İbrahim Nalbant with full Turkish capital. Nurteks which has produced synthetic Grass and wall-to-wall carpet since its foundation, has introduced itself to Turkey in 1983. Today, it has become an influential brand of its sector by means of its two plants in Çerkezköy, its exportation to more than 50 countries and its distributor network. Nurteks is the leader of its sector in Turkey, the second greates producer in Europe and fourth greatest producer in the world.

Synthetic Grass is used in various areas such as golf, football, Envrionment architecture, side plating etc. Nurteks which have had good inings so far, increases the usage areas of synthetic grass day by day. Nurteks provides services for professional and amateur sports clubs with product range of Professional Football and Football with its 250 personnel in Çorlu facility having the capacity of 10 million m2/year.

Nurteks which carried out its production in accordance with FIFA Quality Standards has had license agreement with FIFA since 2001. By getting FIFA certificate indicating the conformity with high quality and performance standards determined by FIFA , it has attained hard-to-reach experience and quality stadards in this area in its all completed 200 projects so far. Furthermore; the management and and production quality of Nurteks which has been the member of ESTO (European Syntetic Turf Organisation) since 2011 have been confirmed by Moody International and our firm has ISO 9001-2000 and TSE Certificates.

Nurteks started to produce wall-to-wall carpet since 2000 and has been in place of the leader firms in Turkey in a short time. Printed wall-to-wall carpet production facility having founded in 2010 and having the latest technology started production in 2011 and has been one of the important players in the world with its 8 Million m2/year production capacity.

Nurteks continues to expand itself with its wide range of productions offered for market with innovative approaches and its new domestic and foreign locations added its service network.