Grass Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Responsibility Conditions and Terms of Usage

1-The infrastructure of the area should be carried out by Nurteks Authorized Dealer and/or by third persons in line with the suggestions of Nurteks Authorized Dealer but final control should be carried out by Nurteks Authorized Dealer and written approval document should be taken.

2-Product Usage Guideline and Certificate of Warranty which will be given by Nurteks Authorized Dealer should definitely be read while artificial grass carpet system is purchased and its copy with the signature of the Purchaser should be given to Nurteks Authorized Dealer.

3-The field should be manually scrubbed once a week depending on the frequency of usage and should be purified from unknown substances (gum, dry leaf, plastic sack, glass or plastic bottle etc.)

4-Animal should not get into the field.

5-In hot weathers, the whole field should be watered four times a week after sunset.

6-A general maintenance of the field should be carried out a authorized dealer once every six months within the framework of Paid Maintenance Agreement.

7-A spiked metal crampon shoes should not definitely be used in the fields. Plastic screwed crampon can be used.

8- Scaffolding should not be attached to the field of which montage is completed.

9-Grey granule, dyed granules (RPU), grizzled granules and granules made up from recycling substances of which origin is uncertain and the fields of which montage has been completed lie outside the scope of warranty.

10-Granule should be added to the areas where granules are set by Nurteks Authorized Dealer carrying out the montage of the field until the completion of the fibrillation.

11-The montages of the fields and any repairs should be carried out only by Nurteks Authorized Dealer.

12-If you do not have Nurteks Carpet certified warranty document, your field lie outside the scope of warranty.

13-The warranty given by Nurteks Carpet is valid as long as you act in accordance with the above-mentioned instructions.